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Tyler Seid | Active Duty

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Tyler Seid | Active Duty

Take a look at the handsome on this boy! Wow, what an amazing recruit to have with us on the solo couch this time. Claude has brought us a fine, fresh soldier named Tyler Seid, and it's easy to see he's looking to please and have a good time doin' it!

When the jeans and then the boxer briefs come off, we get the full view of Tyler's amazing complexion and, of course, that luscious cock. He's fully hard, stroking like he ain't joking. Claude gets low and tight to show us a sweet view of Tyler's balls. This is just a wonderfully put together soldier. Gorgeous muscle tone, strikingly handsome face...and eyes that seem beyond his years.

Then we get a top-down view of the jerking action. Tyler has wonderfully masculine, yet gentle hands. They really look hot with those strong fingers wrapped around that pulsating cock.

Tyler gives us a look at his ass in action when he gets into some nice upright pillow fucking. I enjoy when seeing this as a little break from the laying-down pillow fucking. Tyler uses his powerful ass to pump that erect cock into the soft cushioning. What a lovely sight.

It all works out great, finishing up with a healthy eruption that even surprised Claude. 'The couch, your chest, your face,' Claude laughs. Let's all get ready for a lot more fun with our new boy, Tyler!

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