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Porn acting falls in to three categories:

  1. Truly terrible acting,
  2. Bad acting,
  3. OK/Good acting.

I can’t stand bad acting, it’s boring and a waste of time. It adds nothing to scene, the ‘actors’ can’t have enjoyed it and it’s taking up valuable time. Instead, why not just cut to the main reason we’re all here? Good (or OK – as in it’s believable enough) is usually a nice addition – something Cockyboys have really mastered; not only is the story and acting good, but adds to the sex. As for truly terrible acting, well, I love it! Peter Fields acting in this scene is right there at the top of the ‘awful’ list, but done in a way that is adorable and leaves you smiling.

Peter Fields | Will Braun |

As for the sex? well that’s somewhat weird. I have a mega crush on Will Braun, I mean he could keep me as a sex slave and I would be a happy man, he is literally one of the most beautiful guys in the business. Peter Fields isn’t as well known to me, but he is freaking hot with an amazingly hot body. So, two guys, who both get me hard – what’s the problem right? Well, both are soft whilst sucking each other and, as Will maneuvers around to position himself for entry (before the obligatory editing cut to get the condom on), he positions his cock as though he’s about to enter, but it’s semi at best. It’s one of those unfortunate things that happens – hell even if all gay porn models were indeed gay, they’re not all going to be attracted to each other.

Peter Fields | Will Braun |

That said, when the guys start fucking, it gets better. Peter Fielding is solid enough to give us cock bounce for a while (it doesn’t stay that way consistently, but gets hard again quickly) and the fucking is very no-nonsense. But there is still little in the way of connection and that makes the sex in this scene average I’m afraid. Both are capable of so much more, if you find either guy hot it’s worth a watch. As for Peter Fields? I hope work with him again, he has one of the best cocks at the studio and I think would be best matched with Johnny Rapid, Jimmy Fanz and Colton Grey (who they should most definitely work with more).

Trainer Confessions Part 3 | | Peter Fields & Will Braun

Peter Fields visits Will Braun for some training advice, but somehow this meeting quickly turns into to a hot fuck session in Trainer Confessions Part 3.

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A scene with two hot guys, with amazing bodies and cocks. They don't seem to connect fully though; a shame for two experienced and fantastic porn stars. Perhaps this was a miscast, or just a bad day. The sex is average but the guys make it worth a watch!


The Guys - 9.5
The Sex - 5
Cumshots - 6
Video Quality - 7

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