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For this very special collection, we’ve lined up our tightest little holes for your viewing and pounding pleasure. From Liam Riley to Tyler Hill, watch as some of the most supple, eager bubble butts in the business pucker up and do what they do best, impressively handling the hardest of cocks as only they can. Be sure to use plenty of lube and dive in. These tight little holes will literally squeeze the cum right out of you.

Scene 1

An interview with the delectable twink who left Helix Studios and joined Cockboys, changing his persona significantly. However, this scene depicts the smooth, sweet and loveable twink with a bubble butt that legions of Helix fans fell in love with. With a nine minute interview, Liam demonstrates an adorable mix of innocence and devilishness that adds welcome character to a twink power bottom.

Whilst the solo jerk is simple, it accentuates the smooth, lithe body of a pro-cheerleader with a perfect ass and stunning beautiful glans. Indeed, Liam has one of the most beautiful ‘heads’ in porn and the director plays to these attributes for a beautiful solo session!

Scene 2

As Liam Riley describes himself as a love interest for Lukas Grande during a palm reading, my attention was on Lukas’ facial reactions to what he was hearing; one word – adorable! Lukas is a great pairing with Liam, bringing balance to this twink porn scene with his youthful masculinity.
After some time sucking each others cocks, Lukas quickly inserts his full 7.5″ dick into Liam’s perfect ass, declaring it as tight! Immediately, Liam’s grunts are ones of pure pleasure; no sign of discomfort and every indication of immediate pleasure – nice! Some great over the shoulder camera work gives a great view of Lukas’ stunning piece sliding in an out Liam’s svelte frame – which itself adds great perspective. The only complaint I have is that upon a change in position, Liam seems completely oblivious to his positioning and makes it difficult for the top to maintain a visually interesting rhythm.

Lukas recovers this after obvious difficulty and re-positions them both and builds momentum as he rails Liam, bringing both twinks to a decent climax relatively quickly.

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Scene 3

Dustin Gold & Jack Rayder are at the seaside on what appears to be cold day, though the boys at least where scintillating swimwear that fits exceptionally well. Drying up at the house seems to be achievable only by friction as these gorgeous studs are passionately caressing each others lithe bodies as they kiss with an ever building sexual tension. These boys are truly hot and my own anticipation and horniness was building at a similar pace.

I am genuinely impressed with Jack’s ability to swallow Dustin’s 8.5″ monster balls deep with no hesitation and Dustin’s response convinces me that Jack has some interesting techniques at play whilst it’s in there. It made me think of my boyf, he takes it balls deep and then quivers his entire tongue as it grips the underside of my shaft and his throat muscles quickly contract and release against my head. Great porn does this, it links you to something you know, something you can either relate to or appreciate the nuances and therefore pleasure of, in the process helping you get horny fast!

Dustin, not one to be outdone, shows his best qualities as a top, drilling Jacks tight little hole relentlessly. Watching his abdomen as he builds to a masterful motion is mesmerising, as is the sight of those stunning balls banging against Jack’s ass. There are moments when Jack can’t even finish a moan before the next one starts – that’s hot and only helps to build the horniness factor for the viewer

Jack is the first to climax, leaning back against Dustin as he shoots his load and some of that white gold squirts back to add to what is already a beautiful cock. Dustin quickly follows, but this time shooting his load straight across Jack’s face – stunning and made all the hotter when he licks his own handiwork!

Scene 4

Evan Parker and Stefen Nash open this scene with a nice little game of football (not the one played mostly with hands that American’s are fond of, the one the rest of the world is fond of where you use your feet :p), quickly becoming shirtless and showing off their tight twink bods.

Moving to the bedroom, we’re treated to the sight of Evan’s abs rippling in motion as the pleasure of Stefan’s blowjob washes through him, a sight topped by Evan’s loose balls slapping against Stefan’s chin when he begins to fuck his face. Mmmmmmm. I must say, I always appreciate Stefan’s cock, especially it’s girth; at 7.5″ long and with that width it’s easy to class it as being near perfect.

Evan begins fucking Stefan around his Jockstrap, I know some guys like this but it always seems a bit pointless me, especially when the bottom has to use one of their hands to hold it out of the way – surely that hand could be used for something better. Thankfully, when it comes time to changing position, it’s removed to allow Stefan to mount Evan and begin riding with an obvious objective. Stefan’s momentum is matched as he strokes his own cock with a momentum usually reserved for guys about to come – usually. Both boys take turns controlling the flow here, but Stefan stands out during the moments he rocks his hips to a rhythm I’m not too proud to say would have me weak and cumming at record speed.

Both guys perform stunningly in this scene, it’s one that adds to the value of this movie and has definite re-watchability.

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Scene 5

The opening of this scene shows Tyler Hill as a powerful Jock, working out hard in the park as the tight bodied Max strolls by with his dog (which his family ‘made’), enough bait for this bottom jock!

The lust is palpable between these two as they swap blowjobs eagerly. Though they keep up the momentum as Tyler gets on all fours, giving Max the opportunity to masterfully rim that heavenly ass. The sex in this scene is powerful, but very much controlled by our twink hunter here; he baited and caught himself a willing bottom and is going to make the most of it. From straddling Tyler to ramming him from behind, Max knows what he wants and even controls Tyler’s full body to pull him back and forth (balls deep) over the more traditional thrusting of the top.

These boys work well together and Max builds momentum to give Tyler an obviously astounding orgasm before pulling out to ensure he finishes with a delicious cum facial, nice!

Scene 6

We’re back to Liam Riley, showering that stunning body. Though a twink needs a helping hand when it comes to washing his back, right? Luckily, Dustin Gold is just there – ready, willing and able.

Shower blowjobs are hot; the way the water runs down the twinks smooth skin and adds a whole level of shininess to virtually perfect bodies is beautiful. This scene will have you appreciating this early on, between mutual blowjobs and an eager rimming, we get a sufficient amount of taught, wet bodies to get any red blooded gay man aroused.

Liam, straddling a seated Dustin and rolling his hips back and forth is hot, though as he pulls himself up and slides up and down, you are treated to an amazing sight. When the boys change position, Liam’s responsiveness to Dustin’s powerful and often full length thrusts is commendable and Dustin’s stamina is, as always, enough to make any respectable bottom out there all hot and bothered.

One of the things I love about Liam is how his cock stays solid whilst being pounded, swaying and bouncing around in a mesmerising way. His orgasm here is his best so far, shooting his load whilst Dustin maintains his momentum before pulling out to shoot his sticky goodness all over the tight twinks back. Horny, delicious and mouth watering. If you like twinks, you’ll love this scene.


I was a little surprised when this released, it was getting close to a year since Liam had left the studio and he was the cover star and featured in 3 scenes. I’d also viewed the scenes before, and whilst I remembered enjoying them, I think this left me feeling that I wasn’t in any rush to watch this movie.

Shame on me! Helix normally do very well at matching scenes together for their movies, Tight Little Holes is no exception. This is an astounding release with all scenes being at least ‘Good’, though the combined release being enough to move this to ‘Great’.

The twinks are well matched, the sex is hot and the outcome a given; twink lovers will get off – probably several times throughout the length of the movie. Helix Studios got the pacing just right and spread the strengths of the scenes to make sure that guys capable of it can get off enough times to rival Liam’s answer at the beginning of the release.

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Tight Little Holes | Helix Studios
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A highly recommended release that pays homage to the Helix Studios 'Liam Riley', a Liam Riley we'll likely never see again. Whilst both versions of this twink are hot, this movie brings home the version that made most of us fall in love with him. Top that with stellar performances from studio favourites and this is a clear success for this mega studio.


The Sex - 9
The Guys - 9
Cumshots - 7
Video Quality - 10

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