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Spanish Lesson | Colby Knox | Angel Cruz and Colby Chambers

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Spanish Lesson | Video Preview

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Angel Cruz and Colby Chambers | Photo Set

Spanish Lesson | Colby Knox | Angel Cruz and Colby Chambers

Spanish can be a difficult language to learn once your an adult. Thats why Colby has decided to hire Angel Cruz for private lessons. Angel's first language is Spanish and Colby is hoping to learn a thing or two from his native tongue. Colby really wants to learn a new language but he can't seem to stay focused. He can't think because his cock is so hard. Angel is attractive and charming, Colby just wants to fuck him right there. Angel picks up on this quickly and makes the first move. Guiding Colby's hand to his stiff cock so Colby can't get a feel. Impressed with just how hard Angel is already Colby starts to suck his cock. Spanish lessons soon turn into full on fucking and both are happy to learn all they can.

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