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That’s what I’m talking about – the conversation between Blake Mitchell and Grayson Lange in Rites of Passage is much more genuine than in the last scene I reviewed! I even believe that Grayson went from being uncomfortable to almost enjoying the relentless slapping of his cute little ass. The true surprise was Blake though, his masterful and recriminatory tone whilst spanking Grayson was astonishing; I been a fan of his for a while but this has just tipped it over the edge in to full on respect!


I must have a little leaning towards masochism though, because I found every wince endearingly adorable and a little hot! I think that Grayson’s pain tolerance isn’t that great; he chooses the softest feeling paddle and the anxiety is all over his face before the first tentative strike. That doesn’t stop his beautiful and clean shaven dick from going hard and Blake quickly seizes the opportunity to suck on one of the nicest looking cocks at the studio! It’s not long until the monstrous cock of his former torturer is released from bulging jeans and treated to an awesome suck.


As is usual, Blake takes the top role and quickly builds up his trademark rhythm as he slides the full 9″ of his fat cock in to Grayson’s tight, pert ass. Sticking to the theme, there’s a little more spanking, some hot kissing and both boys clearly enjoyed themselves (and each other). These sexy twinks clearly work well together, it’s amazing, and as ever I’m impressed with Blake’s efforts to make sure his partner cums first. Grayson was obviously impressed, he took the first shots of Blakes cum in his mouth and made sure not to lose a single drop!

Rites of Passage | Helix Studios | Blake Mitchell & Grayson Lange

Take it from Blake Mitchell, a change in scenery can be inspiring. New sights, new sensations... See what a simple gander at a sexy new set mixed with a little curiosity and a touch of pretty boy peer pressure can do to broaden horizons and what it means for Grayson Lange's virgin cheeks.

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A fantastic scene that ticks all the right boxes! These boys work perfectly together and I'm sure many will agree - there needs to be a lot more of Blake and Grayson!


The Guys - 9.5
The Sex - 10
Cumshots - 10
Video Quality - 10

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