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Oh my god! This is amazing… either these guys have become better actors or they truly did feel a little uncomfortable to start with! It soon changes though, leaving me to think that these guys have found the best method of conflict resolution there is.


There’s still a few moments that feel a little weird though…
[JB] “Last guy who said shhh to me got an elbow in the face.”, and
[JB] “What happened to slow”, [JR] “This is slow”, [JB]”I’ll show you slow”.


Both Johnny Rapid and Jake Bass are gorgeous guys who are immensely talented and deserve their success in porn. As much as addressing their ‘spat’ was sweet, awkward, satisfying and weird (yeah, all of those at different stages!), the sex is amazing. Having these studs flip-fuck is a great way to give the viewers the best of both worlds. Nothing is too drawn out, each getting to pleasure the other and show us their skills – though the winner, as always, is Johnny bottoming and Jakes cum shot!

Reconciled | | Jake Bass & Johnny Rapid

Johnny Rapid and Jake Bass haven’t always seen eye-to-eye, but over here at we try to build bridges. After some smooth words from the head of casting, the two agreed to have a sit down and work everything out…and I mean everything. These two superstars each get a turn fucking each other how they like it.

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The Guys - 10
The Sex - 9
Cumshots - 9
Video Quality - 10

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