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Marion and Mirek | BadPuppy | Marion Anel and Mirek Madl

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Marion Anel and Mirek Madl | Video Preview

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Marion Anel and Mirek Madl | Photo Set

Marion and Mirek | BadPuppy | Marion Anel and Mirek Madl

Marion Anel was relaxing on the bed when Mirek Madl returned. Mirek crawls up on top of Marion and begins passionately kissing Marion’s face and then he kisses his way down Marion’s chest and stomach. Marion’s shirt is the first to go and as Mirek slides his hands into Marion’s pants you can see the imprint of Marion’s excited member. As Mirek slides the pants down, Marion’s already erect cock pops out the top and Mirek swallows the entire length and begins sucking away. After a few moments, Marion wants some of Mirek’s cock and off come Mirek’s clothes and he straddles Marion’s face and these two studs start sixty-nineing each other’s rock hard cocks. For those of us that like a little feet action, Marion gets a little foot job from Mirek; before Mirek hands Marion the bottle of lube. Marion squirts some lube in his hand and applies it to his own asshole. Mirek slides in behind Marion and with a few short thrusts he buries his cock deep inside Marion. These two studs fuck like bunnies in three different positions; but, with Mirek pounding at his ass, Marion is about to burst. He takes his cock in hand and after jerking it a few times he squirts a thick load of cum all over his stomach which then rolls off on the bed. Mirek pulls out of Marion’s ass and blows his jizz all over Marion’s cock and balls. With a final kiss Marion Anel and Mirek Madl run off to the shower to clean up.

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