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Relaxing on the sofa as he is waiting on the masseur, Lubos Zeman starts giving himself his own massage. As he slowly loosens his shirt with one hand, the other hand begins rubbing his chest and tight stomach. As he works his hand down his stomach, Lubos loosens more of his shirt until he gets to the top of his jeans and with one hand releases the top of them. Lubos reaches his hands into his pants, pulls out his cock and begins stroking it just about that time the Badpuppy masseur walks in. The masseur takes over for Lubos; but first, he squirts some massage oil onto Lubos’ cock and then he starts rubbing the oil in as Lubos’ cock starts to react. Lubos rolls over on the sofa and our masseur squirts some more lube onto Lubos’ ass. Our masseur starts working in the oil and at the same time he is working his fingers into Lubos’ asshole for a little deeper massage. After some good ass probing and rubbing on his stomach, the masseur motions for Lubos to roll over and pull his knees back with is hands, allowing full access to his waiting asshole. Finished with his ass, our masseur takes Lubos’ cock in hand and begins massaging it faster and faster. Lubos, enjoying his cock massage to the max, blows his load of jizz all over his stomach, cock and the masseur’s hand before he jumps up to go get showered off.

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