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James Solo | Active Duty

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James Solo | Active Duty

Well we have a fresh face this time for y'all to enjoy.  He's a handsome young man by the name of James.  Now if you're a Johnny Depp fan, you're gonna love this new recruit.  He has the cool vibe, the boyish charm, and the fat dick to back it all up!When he pulls down his khakis, we see a very large dong, already starting to ripen up for us.  James starts out on a cushioned chair, spreading his legs nice and wide, seeming comfortable from the start.  It sure doesn't take him long to become fully charged up, letting that hard dick breathe a bit.  James is the type of guy who frequently employs the use of both hands at once as he jerks his stiff meat.  With a dick that big, I don't blame him!  He definitely takes plenty of liberty with the way he strokes...he has a lot of tricks he seems accustomed to.  A few of 'em involve taking care of those luscious balls.  James moves from the chair, over to the bed where he lays out and gets even more comfortable.  Claude gets some nice shots from above, and also from the bed level where we can really get a sense of how nice and swollen up James's huge cock is.  James moves to sitting on the edge of the bed, looking downward at us as we enjoy watching his cock get jerked straight up and down, nice and hard.  Claude moves underneath the action when James stands up, giving us a look at the view if James were fixin' to cum on our face!  Boy, that dick could sure do a lot of damage on some of our hungry-bottomed recruits.  Just wait 'til the rest of the squad gets a 'load' of him!

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