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Hot brooding football hero Ty Roderick decides to come out of the closet just as football season begins, causing his teammates to bully him on the field. But do their mean spirited jokes mask their own gay desires?

A different approach to gay porn from Icon Male, moving away from a more consistent approach to sex to one that is reflective of the actual scene.

Scene 1

This is one small football team – four players, one of which just came out. Obviously, being such an alpha male sport, the straight guys assert dominance with some piss-taking.

Cut forward to Alex Greene and Brandon Wilde in the shower and horsing around in the changing room. The guys have an aggressive machismo about being straight – asserting that they’re comfortable with their own sexuality. Low and behold, this leads to a somewhat lustful fuck, one that’s reflective of guys just getting off. There’s some wonderful moments, with Alex’s large (and stunning) cock being used to fill Brandon’s stunningly perfect ass.

Throughout this hot fuck, Trenton Ducati is watching the boys fuck like the pro’s they are, keeping his presence hidden but definitely enjoying the show!

Scene 2

This is where I started to see a difference in the way Icon Male produce their content. Seeing how the torment Ty Roderick was trying to escape is reflected in this passionate and deep session with Jamie Sanders is something you shouldn’t miss!

At times, it almost feels like the guys are genuinely ‘making love’ rather than it being a random ‘hook-up fuck’. Then you have a burst of action and a hot flash of lust with a transition back to passion.I found it to be reflective of the story in this scene, it felt consistent and kept the mood and feel. It’s rare you can say this about gay porn: the sex reflects the emotions of the characters – just like it does in real life. That’s rare, it’s something that I’d definitely like to see more of.

Scene 3

It’s rare to find a porn movie that ‘feels’ different in every scene. Brandon Wilde is back and Trenton Ducati gets to play with the delectable little jock.

Having watched Brandon fucked by Alex Greene in the first scene, Ducati uses his position as the team Physio to figuratively corner the cock hungry stud by offering to keep his secret. After only a few moments, Wilde yet again transforms from a reluctant recipient to a fully engaged and aggressively aroused guy who can’t stand to go more than a few second without something his ass.

As hot as the blowjobs and rimming are, I was completely soft by the time Trentons big dick slides in to Brandon’s tight ass. It comes down to one thing – it’s one of those love or hate things that seems to either turn a guy on or off with no middle ground… spitting! I’ll never be aroused by guys spitting on each other or in each others mouths, but if you like this type of thing then awesome, the third scene has added yet another level.

The fucking is awesome though; Trent’s cock is big, especially in girth. Brandon is one of those amazing bottoms that knows how to adapt and is deeply affected by it. Every moan of pleasure is genuine and the volume affected by how hard and deep that stunning piece of meat goes. It’s great, and this scene has just helped my appreciation of Brandon Wilde grow.

Scene 4

So that’s it, the entirety of this small football team is gay.

Aiden Summer delivers an awesome apology that is at moments deep and inspirational. Shortly after, he comes out to Ty and asks if he can kiss him as he’s yet to kiss a guy, and it’s on!

Obviously, the weakness of playing an inexperienced guy for a porn star as well practiced as Aiden is that it’s usually less believable when it comes to the sex. Ty Roderick is the top again, and this scene is another passionate and powerfully connecting scene. Between the performers and director (Nica Noelle), the sex is yet again one of the more genuine and real-life like fucks you’ll see in porn. There’s no foreplay and the sex is easy, deep and intimate with the right amount of camera time focusing on the interaction between Ty and Aiden.

My favourite sceen of the movie!


Football Hero from Icon Male is a astonishing success. It was one of their earlier releases, but it hit all the right spots and gave an experience that’s better than most on the market. The guys are hot, the sex is amazing and the quality is consistent throughout. It’s worth either buying the DVD.Movie download or joining the Icon Male website to get access to the scenes individually.

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Football Hero | Icon Male
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A great movie that has resulted in me adding a few more Icon Male releases to my watch list. The sex is amazing and the performances astounding.


The Sex - 9
The Guys - 8
Video Quality - 10

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