Chef’s Revenge | | James Ryder & Max Carter

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Chef’s Revenge | | James Ryder & Max Carter

When Max Carter is caught slacking off with a deadline looming, Chef James Ryder decides to punish him. The face fuck James puts Max through is a great start, his cock is huge and solid, so ramming it in to Max's mouth causes a few flinch worthy moments. Following with the use a whisk as a dildo is masterful, though loosens up Max enough for James' amazing dick. Passionate scenes are great, in fact they're my go to when I want to get off. Occasionally though, scenes like this, where the sex is hard and a little rough, get it right and and help to get me off. This is one such scene - mainly because James Ryder pulls off a mean and moody fuck whilst truly enjoying it. I could genuinely spend hours with that cock (and body) of his, and he could fuck me again, and again, and again!

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