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Matt Klein is a delectable twink that joined the Helix Studios roster just shy of two months ago. Can you believe that it’s not even been two months yet?

Unless you hate twinks, it has to be impossible to dislike Matt – he’s cute, sweet and has come across in all of his scenes as consistently adorable. He’s a through and through twink, slim body, sweet face and amazingly smooth body – but he definitely doesn’t meet the Urban Dictionaries definition of “…not particularly intelligent”. Matt goes to school at Colorado, studying Physics and Maths, aspiring to be a research physicist; check out that geeky tattoo (Maxwell’s equations – electromagnetic fields) – props to @john_osborn for highlighting this. I’d love to find out the meaning behind the choice of tattoo, I should get around to asking.

Here’s a selection of pics for this developing power bottom (seems interested in working his way up to taking three guys – how hot is that?):

Matt Klein Hot Pictures


Gorgeous, Large Cock


Supple Bubble Butt


Luscious Sex Face


Selection of Matt Klein’s Twitter Pics


So, watching Matt masterfully swallow the largest cocks whole and taking the thickest dicks balls deep in one fell motion is enthralling. There’s one thing missing though, Helix Studios are missing out on Matt’s biggest, most unique selling points – his upper body movement. It may take a bit of work, but they seriously need to engineer a scene where he can use his body movement and precision hip gyrations to full effect. Just watch this Vine for a small taste (or “That Feels Big” from Helix Studios for an even better example):

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