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Laurent Marchand is one of those guys where it doesn’t sound, even slightly, weird when you say he’s truly beautiful. A blond stud with perfect body, I’d go as far as to say that he has the best V line in the world – period!

Laurent Marchand 001Laurent Marchand 006Laurent Marchand 002Laurent Marchand 005Laurent Marchand 007Laurent Marchand 004Laurent Marchand 010Laurent Marchand 003Laurent Marchand 009Laurent Marchand 008Laurent Marchand 011Laurent Marchand 013Laurent Marchand 016Laurent Marchand 014Laurent Marchand 019Laurent Marchand 015Laurent Marchand 017Laurent Marchand 018Laurent Marchand 020Laurent Marchand 021Laurent Marchand 023Laurent Marchand 025Laurent Marchand 022Laurent Marchand 024Laurent Marchand 026

This is our new category of Hot Male Models posts at queeReview. Whilst I accept that this isn’t gay porn, or gay themed media, hot guys are hot guys right? Hot Male Models is intended as a way to share the sexiest models that aren’t in porn – both current and those that have stopped but can still bring a smile to your face. If you have a particular favourite, let me know that too; if I share your opinion I’ll do my best to scour the web for the best collection of images  for that model.

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