Amateur Spotlight | Myexhibs (Part 1)

There is so much porn on the internet, it’s sometimes difficult to know where to start. Many stick to one of two common types; studio produced or ‘selfie’ amateur content that litters sites like Twitter, Reddit and Tumblr.

There are some amateurs out there who take it more seriously; sharing much more of themselves than a simple photo/video. They share a much more intimate and personal representation – if you look properly it helps you get much more connected.

This is where Amateur Spotlight comes in! Guys who embody sexuality and provide exceptional content, featured to help raise their profile in any way I can. After [many] hours searching, I settled on someone who’s content I connected with and got off to myself (more than once); Myexhibs! Myexhibs is a stunning example of what I was looking for – all-round sexy, active, engages with people and has a cock that I defy any guy not to obsess over. He was willing to share his content here and provide answers to my questions in a way that exceeded my expectations.

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Q1: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’ve always gone by the alias Myexhibs. In the past I’ve tried to come up with something catchy that captures how I feel about posting online; this was the one that stuck! I’ve considered changing it, but at heart I am an exhibitionist and love posting the pictures and videos I take, so it fits 🙂

I’m from the frigid North in Canada (it’s actually not that cold here most of the time haha). I grew up in a small town with not much to do, so I learned from a young age that my sexuality and exhibitionism was something that could be fun! Nudity was always important to me whether it was sexual or non-sexual. Some of my friends and I growing up were pretty keen on being naked.. alot!

Sexually I identify as heteroflexible. So I am straight in most aspects but love giving/receiving blowjobs and being naked around other guys 😉

I started posting online when I was 18, some of my content on my different profiles was from that time in my life. I recently stumbled on my older stuff and decided it was worth a post 🙂 At first I was really nervous about posting my nude pictures online, usually sticking to simple dick pics. After getting views it excited me as much as made me even more nervous so I would periodically delete my profiles and not post anything for a while! I remember there was a site called that was pretty popular back then for posting your own content and that is where I mainly played. I eventually tried posting videos and was hooked! I made quite a few friends from that website and from then on I’ve been kind of hot and cold with posting online.

In more recent years I’ve been posting more videos than pictures but I do enjoy doing both! Since I’m an exhibitionist I get a thrill from taking the camera out into the woods near my place, stripping down, going for long walks, taking pictures and videos of me jerking off and cumming all over the place! I’ve dabbled a little in more risky ventures, but as exciting as it would be to get caught; it’s alot safer to just post online and get off that way.

In my personal life I’m a pretty simple guy. I like video games, eating delicious food, going for hikes, long road trips, all the usual stuff. I work quite a bit so generating content is a bit of a hassle but I find time 🙂

My main sources of content are:

You may find me on other online sites but these are my main official ones.

Myexhibs | Video

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NOTE: There was so much amazing content to choose from, so Myexhibs’ feature will be split in to three parts. Part 2 will be released tomorrow!

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  1. Hot as fuck, I want this dudes cock

    • I want his tonge when he liks his cock


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