Amateur Spotlight | Myexhibs (Part 3)

And the final part! Myexhibs has been a fantastic sport, being willing to share so much and having some lengthy chats with me. This guy is amazing in so many ways; not only is he hot, but he’s intelligent, friendly and so connected with his content and those who enjoy it, it’s almost unreal!

I urge everyone to follow him, especially at his Pornhub page and new Tumblr Blog. Myexhibs has explained that there is some new hot content coming later this week; he takes it really seriously and anyone who contacts him will be giving him the best thanks possible – he gets off on knowing what you’ve enjoyed!

Myexhibs | Photos


Q4: How does it feel knowing you help get guys off with your pics/vids?

I love it! I love giving back to a community that has been amazing to me over the years. It’s such a turn on to see yourself online in such a vulnerable position for the world to see; it is the most sexually freeing experience I’ve ever had. I grew up kind of self concious about my body so having something so liberating and sexually exciting is the best! I love hearing what people think about my content and even getting constructive criticism works for me; it only helps be get better for the next bit of content I do! All in all I absolutely love the feeling of being naked online; more people should try it! Everyone that has reached out to me have been so positive that it’s been a major motivator to create more and better content!

Myexhibs | Video

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Check Out Myexhibs Profiles

So, that’s our Myexhibs finale (…for now???). It really has been a pleasure to work with him and share his content, please remember to check his profiles out and come back soon for another hot amateur guy.

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