Amateur Spotlight | Myexhibs (Part 2)

Well well well. It seems that my opinions on Myexhibs is shared by many. The first part of his spotlight received almost double the next highest number of views in the first 24 hours!

This second set is as good as, if not better than the first collection, so without further ado, enjoy!

Myexhibs | Photos


Q2: What type of guys do you like? 

I love kinky stuff, so I would have to say older guys who can take control. I love being a sub and being tied up, forced to perform oral, walk naked on display, being touched all over while being tied up, that type of fun stuff! I also love the guys who really appreciate my content for what it is. Those guys really turn me on with their open minds and kinkiness! ;P

Q3: What things get you off? 

Anything relating to kink and exhibitionism really! As I said I’m more of a sub so posting pics and vids online and seeing the views go up really does it for me! I love hearing from fans and having them ask for request videos and pictures (even if I can’t always fulfill them!). I always get a “shivers-down-my-spine” type feeling when I see my content spread online! Such a cool feeling to see that it was appreciated enough to be downloaded and uploaded again! It also makes me feel a bit out of control that I can’t delete it if I chose to so I get a sexual kick as a submissive person!

Myexhibs | Video

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NOTE: There was so much amazing content to choose from, so Myexhibs’ feature will be split in to three parts. Part 3 will be released tomorrow!

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