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We’re just as lucky this time around! ColorSlashMotion has agreed to be the star of our second Amateur Spotlight, bringing some truly amazing pictures together.

Not only does ColorSlashMotion have an amazing body, stunning ass and mouth watering cock, but he has a wit that’s both endearing and unique. As for the pictures, I trawled through his content at length and downloaded pictures I thought were amazing so as to make selection easier, I ended up stopping when I realised I had over 200 (which I needed to sift through again – fortunately for me I enjoyed it)! So, yet again, we find ourselves with several posts worth of pictures. I’m a huge fan of his style, an artistic approach that uses light and/or colour (sorry, I’m British!) to an exceptional standard that manages to make this luscious red-head all the hotter. The first collection is a stunning set of pictures showcasing what is perhaps the finest male ass I’ve the privilege of sharing!

Most importantly, enjoy the below but make sure you check out his Tumblr!

ColorSlashMotion | Photos



Question 1: Tell us a bit about yourself.

I go by Colorslashmotion, though you can call me C-dawg if you’re stuck in the 90s and Mr. Motion if you’re into that. I’m a suburb boy from the wild wild wastes of Seattle, which tends to show up in my pictures – all that greenery just looks BETTER if there’s a butt in it, you know? – though I’ve recently been transplanted to Texas. This has been good for my case of the SADs but terrible for my skin; I’m whiter than a ghost who’s seen a ghost so I’ve been lobstering up like no one’s business.


Question 2: That’s a big move! How do you find Texas? Is it true that ‘everything’ is bigger?

I don’t know about bigger, but not gonna lie, some of the guys here are top-notch Southerners who look pretty damn okay without their trousers. From the front OR the back. Riding cowboys all day gives you good glutes, eh? Eh? I masturbated while writing that sentence.


Make sure you come back for part 2 – his answers only get better!

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NOTE: There was so much amazing content to choose from, so ColorSlashMotion’s feature will be split in to four parts. Part 2 will be released tomorrow!

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