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Interview continued…

Question 3: Haha, I take it you tend to like Southern boys.

Well… I don’t know if I have a specific type, beyond ‘be super cool and awesome’. It’s a damn platitude, but confidence and playfulness are ultra sexy, though a nice butt and perfectly symmetrical features and general level of health doesn’t precisely hurt. Also, for some reason, perfect eyebrows. Boys with perfect eyebrows tend to do it for me. Is that a fetish? I feel like it’s not a fetish if I just want to stroke them happily for hours at a time.

Though I gotta say – one thing I do appreciate, very much, is a nice ass. I love rimming – and I mean, I LOVE rimming; I have literally spent over an hour just rimming – and getting my hands on a nice behind… Well. For anyone reading this who hasn’t appreciated rimming, keep all this in mind:


  • Clean up, for the love of god.
  • Be active. Don’t just lie there! Push back and work that booty.
  • Be ready to switch positions at any time. Any time. You best be ready to be on all fours or on your back or upside down at a moment’s notice. This ain’t amateur hour.
  • Relax. Don’t clench. Make it easier to get a tongue in there.


  • If you’re just sticking your tongue on or in his hole you’re doing it wrong. Lick it from bottom to top, circle it, give a push in, then lick again. Mix it up! Surprise him!
  • You can also lick and kiss the actual cheeks. And hey, while there, why not give a nibble or two?
  • You can lick and mouth the space in between his hole and balls, too. Hell, you can lick all the way up from his balls to his back, or even pull his dick back and lick all the way from the head of his dick to his hole.
  • Don’t neglect your hands. You got two of them; use ‘em! Lightly claw his legs, reach around, touch ALL that skin, that sort of thing. And I like to spank while my tongue’s in there. Personal preference.

This advice mostly works for girls, too, though you’ll want to stay away from the front and focus on the back; cross-transference and possible UTIs are no laughing matter.


We’re half way through out ColorSlashMotion spectacular, tomorrow’s will be another fantastic selection which I’m sure will have many-a-mouth watering!

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NOTE: There was so much amazing content to choose from, ColorSlashMotion’s feature has been split in to four parts. Part 3 will be released tomorrow!

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